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H . T. T. Henry Street Traveling Theater

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Henry Street Traveling Theater


The Henry Street Settlement’s

Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) presents




In Bits and Pieces

An exploration into the world of what it’s like to be a young adult in current America. Vignettes are written/directed by HTT participants.


Friday, August 14th – 7pm


Henry Street Settlement’s

Abrons Arts Center

(Recital Hall)

466 Grand Street.

Lower East Side / Manhattan




YOUNG AMERICA:   In Bits and Pieces



1. ThugLuv              

By Thalia Giraldo

A teenage girl, struggling to leave an abusive father, has dreams of becoming something great. But her dreams take a different turn, and her life is forever changed, by an accidental encounter with a girl named Lina.


Julie: Julie Asencio               

Dad:  Edgar Veras

Mario:Christopher Zapata  

Lina: Tkeyah Edmonds

Karen: Karen Casrto   

Toni: Toni Haliburton

Rodney: Rodney Houston   

Geannie: Geannie Ramos            

Ngawang: Ngawang Thokmey   

Voiceover: Carlos Horton


2. Unstable

By Charles Nechamkin & Emmanuel Taylor

When Justin, a bi-polar teen, goes off his medication, an already fragile family is torn apart.  They wrestle, not only with the effects of his disease, but with their own insecurities, and their mixed-up sense of otherness, and accountability.


Justin: Emmanuel Taylor    

Mom: Toni Haliburton

Dad:  Carlos Horton    

Laquan: La Quan Montero


3. Other Side of the Coin

By Viola Brown & Amber Blackwood

A Vietnam War veteran witnesses an attack outside of his home.  He attempts to help, but – in the process – winds up in court with three charges against him. Will he be indicted for possession of an illegal firearm?   What price will he pay for lending a ‘helping hand’?


My:  Da Wei Pan        

Rashad: Rodney Houston

Kevin:  Abdo Yahya    

Charles:  Charles Horton

Mr. Tony: Gui De Chen   

District Attorney: Edgar Veras

Defense Attorney: Thalia Giraldo  

Court Clerk:  Viola Brown 

Judge:  Shanice Barrett


4. Tebalino

By: Geannie Ramos & Ngawang Thokmey

The short interracial romance of Geannie, a Hispanic girl who – like the others – makes fun of Ngawang, ‘that Tibetan boy’, in class. Their friendship grows as they explore each other’s cultures and backgrounds: But what does it do to the friends and family around them?


Geannie: Geannie Ramos   

Ngawang:  Ngawang Thokmey

Ms. Ember:  Amber Blackwood    

Mother:  Karyn Casto

Brother:  Abdo Yahya    

Ngawang’s cousin:  Da Wei Pan


The Class:

Julie Asencio

Rodney Houston

Christopher Zapata 

Geannie Ramos 


Voiceover:  Carlos Horton


FEATURING:  Julie Asencio, Edgar Veras, Tkeyah Edmonds, Toni Haliburton, Ngawang Thokmey, Rodney Houston, Karen Casrto, Carlos Horton, Emmanuel Taylor, La Quan Montero, Da Wei Pan, Charles Horton, Thalia Giraldo, Viola Brown, Shanice Barrett, Amber Blackwood, Danielle Arce, Muhommed Hoque, Adam Layedra, and Jerel Williams 


Opening Song: We See, We Hear, We Speak by Gaetono Coato


Sound Design: Abdo Yahya / Angel Rivera


Lighting: Marissa, Alexander Gomez


Stage Manager: Gui De Chen


Fight Choreographer: Christopher Zapata


Choreography: Geannie Ramos / Nagawang Thokmey


House Manager: Alexandria Padilla / Antonio Olivares


Program Instructor: Kim Weston-Moran


Executive Theatre Director: Herb Donaldson


Henry Street Traveling Theater

H. T. T.
Henry Street Traveling Theater
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Herb Donaldson
Herb Donaldson / Summer Youth Employment Program
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